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Author a strong story and then tell it with better writing.

A well written story - is only well written...
but a STRONG STORY will carry it to the heart.

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About Us

Ink Dweller Press

In 2011 Ink Dweller Press began its publishing journey with the focus of finding and publishing local authors. During that time we've learned that people write for different reasons and that for most; writing a story is a personal process.

Publishing is also a personal process and as such we feel that the publisher should create a unique experience for the reader based on the writer's story.

Before any of that can happen your story needs to be strong and your writing sound.

Our Philosophy

Author a strong story,
and then tell it with better writing.

Edward Raymond
Edward Raymond Ink Dweller Press

Keeping you informed

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The Team

Meet some people who work to keep this site going.

Edward Raymond

Edward Raymond

Writing communities are everywhere, I wanted to form a community about storytelling.

Mike Breznay

Mike Breznay

Mia Donovan

The Readers Group


We represent the author,
and our work represents our standard. Edward Raymond, Editor in Chief

Our Services

There are two layers in the services we provide.
In the first layer of service, we are a publisher of stories of literary work.
In the second layer, we help authors get to the first layer.

Leave the publishing to us

We publish in two formats; Electronic and Print.

Electronic publications are available through Amazon (Amazon Direct Publishing), Barnes and Noble (NOOK Press), and Apple (iBookstore).

Our print publications are of highly specialized design and detail. Each book is a work of considerable design, detail and unique presentation that would be a great addition to any collection.

Clean & Careful Design

In each of the published formats we use typography methods that best present the body of written work uniquely and professionally. We create the layout and design that best presents the literary work at hand.


Every literary work that we publish will have a content edit and copyedit.

The content editor will review content and work with the author to make any changes necessary for publication. Changes could include a wide range of possibilities; all changes will be worked by both author and content editor.

The copyeditor performs cleanup editing and will prepare the content for the publishing process.

Readers Group

Our exclusive readers group will provide information about your story that you may not get otherwise.

Your story is read by a group of readers who are only readers, not writers. Your identity remains anonymous, and they are instructed to be as candid with their review as possible.

The end result is an honest look into a reader's mind about your work. They won't pull punches, so if you get a rave review from the readers you are most likely hitting it on all cylinders.

The Storyteller Workshop

We work with authors to bring a level of understanding to the craft of story first, and then to the writing.

We want authors to produce the best possible work they can. Bringing authors to an intimate understanding of the craft will help them do just that.

Crafting a good story takes work, writing a well written story takes work; we want to show you how.

Free Support

Ink Dweller Press services are continual.

Our priority is our authors. We want to support them as much as we can.



Read about our submission guidelines, and get started today. Check us out with confidence.

Let's Talk

I appreciate your taking the time to communicate with me,
I welcome your support and appreciate your engagement.

If you have a subject you would like to discuss, get in touch with me.

We learn from each other, in everything we do. If you have any ideas about subject matter you would like to learn or teach send a message my way. Additionally, any input for Ink Dweller Press would be appreciated.

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